Price of SRS Royal Hills Faridabad

Possession offered in 2+1bhk of 1133 sq.ft. in SRS Royal Hills in sector 87 Faridabad. Lots of families are already shifted in few towers such as B4, B5 and B6. Very soon SRS gonna offer possession in rest of the towers.

In SRS ROYAL HILLS PRICE OF 2BHK IN FRESH BOOKING is near about 35 lacs for 5th to 10th floor inclusive of edc/idc, car parking, power backup, club charges etc. and in resale it will cost you near about 32 lacs only.
SRS Royal hills in sector-87 Faridabad is affordable project with lots of facilities like parks, parking, good connectivity as project is on sector road, 24x7 power backup etc.

SRS Royal hills got a different types of flats like 2bhk (1025 sq.ft.), 2 + 1 bhk (1133 sq.ft.), 3bhk (1450 sq.ft.) and 3 + 1 (1650 sq.ft.).Now a days if your looking for flats in SRS royal hills faridabad you will get both in fresh and resale.

Loans are easily available on srs royal hills flats because of a reputated builder and a genunity it provides to his customers.

Price details of srs royal hills faridabad in Resale

Speacial note for 1025 sq.ft in resale :

Bsp for Ground to Fifth floor : Rs.2199000/-
Bsp for Sixth to 10th floor : Rs.2099000/-
Bsp for 11th to top floor : Rs.1999000/-

Particulars 2bhk 2+1bhk 3+1bhk 3br+ser
  1025 sqft 1133 sqft 1450 sqft 1650 sqft
BSP (@ Rs.1600/- per square feet not for 1025 sq.ft.) 2199000 1812800 2320000 2640000
EDC & IDC (@ Rs.334/- per square feet) 342350 378422 484300 551100
Car parking 150000 150000 150000 150000
EEC + FFC (@ Rs.100/- per square feet) included in bsp 113300 145000 165000
IFMS charges(@ Rs.50/- per square feet) 51250 56650 72500 82500
Club membership 50000 50000 50000 50000
Power backup included in bsp 31250 37500 50000
UCC charges included in bsp 20000 20000 20000
Total without any plc's 2792600/- 2612422/- 3279300/- 3708600/-
PLC'S:- 10%, 8%, 6%, 4% of BSP ON Ground, Ist, 2nd,3rd floor
Park facing (@ Rs.100/- per square feet) 102500 113300 145000 165000
Transfer charges(@ Rs.75/- per square feet) 76875 84975 108750 123750

Price details of srs royal hills faridabad in Fresh Booking

price of srs royal hills faridabad in fresh booking

  • Semi-Furnished Apartments
  • Area Range: 1025 - 1650 sq. ft.
  • Price Starting From: Rs.1600/- Per Sq. Ft.+ EDC + IDC, EEC, FFC, Car Parking, Club and PLC, if applicable.
  • Location: Sector-87, Faridabad
  • Bedroom: 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 3bhk + utility

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